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Hot - rolled seamless tube on - line cooling technology to achieve a breakthrough

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China's first set of hot rolling seamless tube industrial on-line control cooling system, through rolling technology of northeast university and state key laboratory of continuous rolling automation and baosteel co., LTD.

As the core means of controlling the microstructure and performance of hot-rolled seamless tubes, the cooling technology has not been effectively broken through for a long time. As a result, the improvement of product performance can only be achieved by adding more alloy elements and off-line heat treatment process. Therefore, the development and application of control cooling technology has become one of the key research directions of hot rolled seamless tube industry in China.

Aiming at the characteristics of annular section of hot-rolled seamless steel pipe, northeast university, on the basis of breaking through the mechanism and control method of high-intensity homogenization cooling mechanism of high-temperature pipe, cooperated with baosteel co., LTD., relying on baosteel lubao PQF460 hot-rolled seamless pipe production line, carried out research on the control cooling technology of 10000-ton seamless pipe. In 2018, the industrial on-line control cooling system was put into operation in baosteel.

Since the on-line cooling system was put into production, it has shown good application effect, high temperature control precision after cooling, uniform cooling, good shape of steel tube after cooling; The product performance has been improved significantly, the process reduction effect is significant, has become seamless tube products online organizational performance regulation platform technical means, for further development of high strength and toughness, high value-added steel pipe products provide effective support.

Review: the technology research and development success, broke through the field of hot rolled seamless steel tube product key constraining bottleneck of organization performance control, developed with independent intellectual property rights of hot-rolled seamless pipe online control cooling system, fill the international blank, realized the high quality and low cost, higher comprehensive strength performance seamless tube products development and the stable production, also makes our country become the first in the field of hot rolled seamless steel tube to master the technology and industrial application of countries.

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