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New stainless steel seamless pipe/welded pipe technology

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Recently, the first phase of the "PQF460 seamless steel tube on-line cooling equipment and automatic control system development" jointly carried out by the steel tube strip business department of baosteel research institute and Northeastern University successfully completed the functional evaluation, marking that the first international company of baosteel has mastered the on-line control and cooling technology of hot rolled seamless steel tube and entered the industrial application stage.

In recent years, baosteel co., ltd. took the lead in applying control cooling technology to the production of hot rolled seamless steel tubes, and cooperated with the state key laboratory of rolling technology and continuous rolling automation of Northeastern University. Carrying out scientific research. In 2014, hunan allianz metal products co., LTD., relying on baosteel PQF460 hot rolled seamless steel pipe production line, developed online control cooling test device, and conducted multiple rounds of technical research and test. On this basis, developed the first domestic hot rolled seamless steel tube control cooling industrial equipment platform which can achieve accurate temperature control, and successfully implemented the thermal load test last April.

Since the application of this technology, it has shown good results: after cooling high temperature control precision cooling uniformity cooling, good shape of steel tube, per ton of steel average cost reduced by more than 200 yuan, energy consumption reduced by more than 20%.

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