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Precision control and standard of outer diameter of steel pipe

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Precision control and standard of outer diameter of steel pipe

The accuracy of outer diameter of steel pipe is an important content of quality control of steel pipe.


The quality control of steel pipe includes dimensional accuracy control, internal and external surface quality and mechanical properties. Among them, the size accuracy of steel tube also includes the outside diameter accuracy, wall thickness accuracy, ellipticity, straightness and other items. The dimensional accuracy of steel pipe is mainly determined by the production process and equipment of steel pipe.


What is the outer diameter of steel pipe?


The outer diameter of steel pipe refers to the diameter of steel pipe. (diameter) of the specifications of the steel tube is normal with diameter and thickness, such as the diameter of 100 mm, wall thickness 5 mm tube, just as Φ 100 * 5.


How does the outside diameter deviation of steel pipe come into being?


The outer diameter tolerance of steel pipe depends on the diameter determination method, the running condition, precision and process system of the equipment. The influence of process system on the accuracy of outside diameter mainly depends on the rolling temperature and temperature stability of the sizing machine. The negative deviation of outer diameter of steel pipe is easily caused by high rolling temperature and large shrinkage of steel pipe after rolling. When the rolling temperature is low, shrinkage of steel pipe is easy to cause positive deviation of outer diameter of steel pipe. During production, the equipment should be adjusted according to the size, grade, temperature and tool wear of the steel pipe.


In addition, the outside diameter tolerance is also related to the diameter sizing machine pass accuracy and the distribution of deformation of each frame.


The uneven distribution of temperature along the length of steel pipe also affects the accuracy of outer diameter, especially when rolling thin-walled pipe, the temperature difference between head and tail is large, resulting in the outer diameter of the head is smaller than the outer diameter of the tail.


The regulation of tolerance of outer diameter of steel pipe in related standard?


Different steel pipe products are implemented according to different standards. For example, gb8163-1999 is seamless steel pipe for fluid transmission, and gb3087-1999 represents seamless steel pipe for medium and low pressure boiler.


And every country in the world has its own standards. ASTM, API, ANSI, DIN, CE, etc.


As the old meng who deals with the foreign trade of steel pipe more, he has specially sorted out the tolerance standard of API 5L ASTM A106 outside diameter, the friends who are interested can click the link to download, I hope it can be of some help to you.

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