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The effect of epoxy zinc-rich paint on corrosion protection of steel pipe

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 Generally, steel pipes are coated with black paint or varnish to prevent corrosion on the outer surface. The client of this contract specially requires epoxy zinc-rich paint. After finishing the thread processing, I specially purchased five buckets of epoxy zinc-rich paint with the same amount of paint and curing agent. Use the way of artificial spraying, the effect after processing is like this.


Steel pipe epoxy zinc rich paint effect

Picture of epoxy zinc rich paint for steel pipe

Next we will know about epoxy zinc rich paint.


Epoxy zinc-rich primer is a special coating composed of Epoxy resin, zinc powder, ethyl silicate as main raw materials, thickeners, fillers, additives and solvents. The paint film color is gray, the paint natural drying fast, strong adhesion, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. The paint film has high zinc content, cathodic protection and excellent water resistance. Mainly used for steel pipe, storage tank, steel structure, container, etc.

When painting the surface of steel pipe with epoxy zinc-rich paint, it should be noted that the surface of steel pipe must be derusted by grinder or sandblasting, and reach the Swedish derusting standard Sa2.5, or else rust and exudation will occur. Generally, it is recommended to paint 2~3 lines, and Lao meng painted 3 lines.


What's the difference between epoxy zinc rich paint and general primer?


The function of primer is to prevent the objects of different materials from being corroded by different media, and to seal and isolate the invading surface of the external corrosive media. General primers mainly protect the substrate through isolation and shielding. Epoxy zinc-rich primer is different. Zinc powder in zinc-rich primer has a more active chemical property and will react with corrosive medium first, so as to protect the substrate from corrosion. This is the cathodic protection of zinc-rich primer.


However, the price of good materials is relatively high. The price of rich zinc paint purchased by Lao meng is 380 yuan/barrel. Finally use the rest of the barrel, with the car together with the customer to take the past.

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