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The use of steel pipe in petrochemical project construction

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The use of steel pipe in petrochemical project construction

-- six years of experience in grinding a sword and running projects

Last week time, this blog did not update, this to a new website, is very despised by baidu. However, the original intention of the old meng had opened a blog is to record and share, not running the keyword baidu home page of the purpose. So what am I doing this week? Actually I went on a business trip to Inner Mongolia.

There is a project to start soon, is a coal chemical project, the specific project name is not disclosed, have a heart small partner will know.

Looking back on my relationship with this project, it was like going on a pilgrimage to the west. Whether it works out is unclear, but the experience along the way is valuable business experience.

I started this project at the beginning of 2012. I thought it would be launched soon, but it took me five years. After two years of national restrictions on coal-chemical projects, the NDRC gave the go-ahead at the beginning of 2015 and officially approved the project at the end of 2016. Then the project was inaugurated in June and construction is only now under way.

As long as six years insist, estimate a lot of friends who run a project, very few track so long. It is such a single-minded guy as Lao meng who is so persistent. But at least there is a glimmer of victory. To borrow someone's phrase, "the revolution has not been successful yet, comrades still need to work hard."

This is a coal chemical project. To be precise, it is coal-to-oil, which USES coal as raw material and refines diesel oil, naphtha and other products through a series of complicated technical means. So in such a petrochemical project construction, steel pipe can play a role in what?

It can be said that steel pipe products are essential materials in the construction of such projects. Because no matter be solid particle, gas or fluid, all kinds of transportation are realized through steel tube.

At the same time, the petrochemical industry with steel pipe also has its own characteristics, is part of the medium with high pressure, high temperature, acid and alkali corrosion, toxic and harmful characteristics, so the steel pipe material requirements are relatively strict. At this point, the alloy tube can be put into use.

For a project like this, there are many kinds of steel pipes needed. From the processing technology, seamless pipe and welding pipe will be used; The caliber and wall thickness range is also very wide; From the choice of material, from ordinary carbon steel pipe, low carbon alloy steel pipe to high alloy steel pipe will be involved. Therefore, the use of steel pipe in the whole project is huge. Of course, elbow, tee and other pipe fittings and flange accessories, the amount is also considerable.

Finally, a word of caution: if you are a businessman in the steel pipe industry, you can try to contact this project. After all, you don't have to wait for years, which can greatly reduce the cost of doing business.

I wish you a successful project and prosperous business.

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