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What is the difference between seamless and welded pipe?

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Today, let's talk about the key difference between welded pipe and seamless pipe, because according to our colleague reaction, sometimes the customer for the choice of seamless pipe and welded pipe is also full of confusion. So I will from the production process, product advantages and disadvantages, such as how to choose appropriate three aspects to illustrate the problem.

Manufacturing process:

Welded pipe: welded pipe is made by rolling metal and then welding longitudinally over its length. Through the metal extrusion to the required length for seamless tube production. In simple terms is a piece of sheet metal bending slowly into a tube, and then the junction using resistance welding, welding and into. As shown below:


If you still don't understand, you can watch the video below.

This video was taken when I went to our factory last time.

Seamless  pipe: seamless tube manufacturing process is under the temperature of 2200 ° F rushed out of a hole in the stainless steel billet, the heat in tool steels by pressing and drawing on the soft and spiral forming from the hole. To put it simply, you heat up the pipe that you've already made, and in this case you use a specific technique to open up the center. As shown below:


As the processing environment is not very safe, there is no in-depth shooting.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Welded pipe:

  • Compared with the same seamless alternatives, a lower cost.

  • Short delivery time.

  • Prior to fabrication, the external and internal surfaces can be inspected for better surface finish, and the internal material surfaces of welded pipes.

  • The thinner wall thickness, the more uniform.

  • More strict tolerance.


Seamless tube:

  • Wall thick heavy.

  • No weld. It is generally considered to be of better performance and corrosion resistance

  • Seamless tubes have better ovality or roundness


How to choose:

I have sorted out a table as follows according to the comparison between welded pipe and seamless pipe

Comparison of Welded/ Seamless pipe



Lead   Time












Heavy   Wall


ID   Surface


High   Pressure




Through the above comparison, the difference between the friends when buying pipe can easily distinguish between what is seamless tube, what is the general welded pipe. Although ordinary welded pipe is much cheaper than seamless pipe, but its service life is quite short, especially in cold places. Normal service life of the welded pipe is only half of the seamless pipe, so in long-term industrial use or suggest to choose cost-effective seamless tube.

If you still have what not understand or want to consult, welcome to contact us.

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