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Why is the welding equipment always out of order?

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-- that's because the "eight orders" management of spot inspection of welded pipe equipment has not been done well

Now in the use of domestic welding pipe equipment, the basic process principle is relatively simple, not a big change in the past few decades. For example, spiral welded pipe equipment, adopting the form of outer roll, inside and outside double submerged arc welding and forming.

Welding pipe equipment is also relatively simple, generally divided into mechanical, hydraulic and electrical parts. The mechanical part consists of some rotating structures, such as bearings and rollers; Hydraulic part is hydraulic cylinder, lifting platform, tube dipper, etc. The electric part is 380V strong current and weak current automatic control and so on.

To be practical and realistic, the failure cycle of welded pipe equipment should be relatively long, if the maintenance, maintenance, use in place, equipment failure will rarely occur. Then why many factories welding equipment always failure? In general, it is not a good management of equipment "octet".

(1) personnel selection -- the implementation personnel (operator/point inspector/professional technical personnel, etc.) who make the point inspection project;

(2) fixed point -- the position, item and content of the equipment to be inspected shall be set in detail, and the spot inspection shall be carried out with purpose and direction;

(3) definite method -- to formulate clear inspection methods for inspection items, that is, to use "five senses" discrimination, or to use simple tools and instruments for discrimination;

(4) calibration -- the formulation of standards as the basis for measuring and judging whether the inspection site is normal;

(5) regular -- make a point inspection period, according to the importance of equipment and whether the inspection parts are key or not;

(6) make plans -- make the spot inspection schedule;

(7) fixed record -- operation record (spot inspection record), abnormal record, fault record, tendency record;

(8) define the process -- the process of spot inspection and processing of spot inspection results.

The above is the framework of "eight determination" management method of welded pipe equipment, so that you can have a basic understanding.

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