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seamless stainless steel tube

A list of these seamless stainless steel tube articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional seamless stainless steel tube, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Takeaway: in this article, welded steel pipe automatic ultrasonic flaw detection system defects in the relevant evaluation method took an important step in the direction of intelligent testing instrument, based on the theory of related technologies, compiled by the time, location, behavior, characte


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  • Oil casing is divided into surface casing, technical casing and oil casing according to their functions. Classification and application of oil casingSurface casing 1, used to seal the upper unstable soft, easy to collapse, easy to leak formation and water layer; 2. Install wellhead device to control


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  • Basic knowledge of hydrostatic test of steel pipeHydrostatic test is an indispensable part in the manufacturing process of steel pipe. Its function is to test the anti-leakage performance of steel pipe under standard test pressure and pressure stabilizing time. It is an important means to check the


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  • Steel pipe defects and the concept of steel pipe defectsThe friends who work in the rolling mill, must be familiar with the two terms "shortage of steel pipe" and "defect of steel pipe". While there's no such thing as "discolored," these two words make us feel uncomfortable. Because this represents


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  • Today, let's talk about the key difference between welded pipe and seamless pipe, because according to our colleague reaction, sometimes the customer for the choice of seamless pipe and welded pipe is also full of confusion. So I will from the production process, product advantages and disadvantages


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