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Why chose us ?

You have many choices, but why choose our company?

1. Delivery fast, we can guarantee delivery within 50 tons of 20 days

2. Strong technology, we have 5 automatic welding production lines, 3 offline welding production lines, 2 sets of 70 milla pullers, 4 sets of 3 meter puller, 4 sets of 1.5 meter puller, 3 sets of bright annealing, 6 sets of puller, 6 sets of straightener, 6 sets of rolling mill and 8 sets of pipe welding machine ,63MN horizontal hot extrusion unit.

3. Super long coil tube, longer than 1000 meters.

4. Stainless steel pipe exports in China's hunan first

5.The service is good. all kinds of long, thin, thick or large diameter special purpose stainless steel tube (seamless) manufacturing and provided all kinds of stainless steel pipe welding, drilling, bending, lathe processing and other services.

6.Research and development ability is strong. our research center, hunan university - allianz metal welding engineering technology research center


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